Why Does Sub-Zero Ice Maker Doesn’t Go Below 42 Degrees

June 22, 2022
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 It is highly recommended to set your Sub Zero ice maker to the right temperature for proper ice production. But, there are some instances where you may find some problems in using the ice maker. To help identify what causes the issue, an Ice Maker Repair Technician will be able to assist you.Resolve your refrigerator issues. Contact Sub zero refrigerator repair now!

Even a high-end appliance like Sub Zero can still be prone to breakdowns, and this can be due to different factors such as defective parts or poor maintenance. When your ice maker is not working, some of its major components may have reached the end of their lifespan, requiring an immediate replacement for the ice maker to work again. On the other hand, some issues can be handled on your own by implementing simple fixes. You can look for Sub-Zero ice maker troubleshooting as your reference aside from the user manual.

But, there are times that it will need a professional to handle the repair. If this happens, Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair in Monrovia can help you. A team of professionally trained repair technicians with years of experience handling different Sub Zero appliance repair needs. It is important to properly check the appliance concern to help determine the main cause. To do this, we use specially designed tools and equipment, and this also will help us to do the necessary fix to the issue. 

Like your Sub Zero ice maker, some different parts and components are used for it to work. Aside from this, the temperature is also an important factor for proper ice production. If you notice that the unit is set at 42 degrees and won’t go down, the condenser coils may be covered with dirt and dust. If this happens, this causes the unit not to be able to regulate the right temperature to produce ice properly. Another factor that can cause why the temperature won’t go below 42 degrees is due to a defective thermostat. The ice maker’s thermostat, also known as the cycling thermostat, helps to control and regulate the ice maker ejection cycle by monitoring the temperature inside the freezer unit. This will also help to determine when to release the ice into the bin and to start the ice maker cycle once again.

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It is best to contact a professional repair service like Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair to help properly address and fix the problem. This is to properly diagnose what causes the issue and to also help come up with the best course of action to do in order to repair the problem with the unit. The team can also assist you in maintaining the unit to help bring it back to its prime working condition. 

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If you are facing problems with your Sub Zero ice maker, it is best to contact a professional repair service. Get in touch with Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair to schedule an appointment for the repair.